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Banking and Financial Settlements Sector

In view of the economic decline the country is currently experiencing that had greatly impacted the companies operating in various fields within the Egyptian economy, a matter that negatively impacted those companies by a recession in market movements and a stumble in the circulation of the business of these companies, which led to a poor cash liquidity available to them as a result of credit sales and inability of collection in maturity dates that consequently negatively overshadowed the transactions of these companies with their lending banks either by the inability to entirely settle their debts or maximizing the debts as a result of increased interest and accumulation of debts. In view of the large number of complaints of bank clients regarding these situations, the Corporation formed a team of the highest level of competency with expertise, competence, know-how, and scientific and practical standing to deal with these problems in light of the conditions the country is experiencing. The Corporation provides its services in this regard as follows:


  • Considering the calculation of interest, commissions, and bank charges debited to the debit balances of clients through friendly solutions or filing a bank account claim, after reviewing the account statements in question and recalculating the interest according to the prices stated in the contracts concluded between the bank and its customers and also in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank of Egypt in light of the laws that govern this matter up to the determining the size of the real debt and reach a fair and acceptable adjustment with creditor banks in accordance with the laws governing such events. The Corporation – with its high expertise in this field - could resolve a lot of problems and reach many of banking reconciliations with many banks.


  • The Corporation assists individuals and corporate wishing to obtain bank loans to develop their investments through a thorough study of each case and adequate inquiries and evaluation of guarantees and collaterals of various types and means of payment that are consistent with each activity. This has been done through specialists with previous experience in this field.

The Corporation finalized many bank reconciliations and adjustments in favor of its customers with many banks such as:

  • National Development Bank
  • Suez Canal Bank
  • Qatar National Bank Al Ahly


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